drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,


Wow. Yesterday wasn't as bad as I'd feared, though the living room air conditioner was weak. We took a cold shower and the bedroom air conditioner worked well enough.

Today, we'd planned to see the second Pirates movie -- but our theater doesn't have air conditioning today. Neither did the nearby Baskin Robbins, but that was okay while we were eating ice cream.

At home, the lights stayed very low. The air conditioner flickered in and out. The tv wouldn't go on at one point. Then, everything clicked back on. We're keeping what we can off, and we'll do another cold shower, I'm thinking.

I'm trying to search for news of brown outs, but not finding any. Anyone know the latest?

I'm fearing a repeat of 2003. Are we any better prepared, powergrid-wise? I'm a-thinking not.
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