drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,


Anyone have hard info about the power situation in Queens? We're in Woodside/Sunnyside, at 48th Street and 48th Avenue. Brownout on Tuesday night. Last night, only one circuit seemed to be working -- it had our alarm clock (we have a battery back up) and it charged our phones. No change today.

The guy covering for the super said power was out the whole block -- not quite true, as neighbors in another building had florescent bulbs on. On the other hand, one of my researchers lives in Astoria, hasn't had power since Tuesday night, and said that this is not unlike what her neighborhood had -- one working circuit that then stopped working, a house at some place on the block that had some power. She said she might not have power back till Saturday, and that Con Ed is trying not to give a commitment on when power will be back by.

Anyone have any hard information?
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