drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Pirates 2

mneme and I saw the second Pirates of the Carribbean movie.

Overall, it was not quite as good as the first movie, although I think this could have been solved by cutting half an hour. I think the Cannibal Island sequence could have been cut by a lot. I'm guessing that the reason it's in there at all is because the ride that inspired the movies has some reference to cannibals. Does anyone know?

The 3-way duel could have been shorter.

I don't like that, when Jack first appears, everyone is, understandably, asking for gold from his latest jaunt, and later, everyone from his crew who survived seem to know exactly what Jack is trying to do.

The strength of this movie is the same as that of the previous: It is a good action movie with characters who are not stupid.

I like how the characters from the previous movie are brought back. The two comic relief pirates -- silly, not stupid -- fit in surprisingly well. The bit with the illiterate pirate studying the Bible to save his soul now that he can die made me say, "Yes! That makes perfect sense." And, it also made sense that they'd (more or less) join Jack's crew. After all, they'd served with him before, and, as mnemex pointed out, Jack has a forgiving nature.

I liked the thematic stuff -- questions about what is important to a person, and what someone will give up everything for, whether "everything" means honor, life, or hope. There's an interesting contrast at the end, where the former commodore, who was not, at base, a bad person in the first movie, gives the heart of Davy Jones to the East India Company for what might be freedom, or the name of honor, or the right to be a pirate, while Jack's crew decide to risk what they have to rescue Jack.

I like the combination of honor and double dealing. Too much of the one, and I want to vomit. Too much of the other, and I don't like any of the people.

I like that the movie was darker than the first. In the first, it seems that the only evil pirates are the undead ones, and that all the rest just checked the box marked "pirate" on their job applications. Here, not only is Jack willing to sacrifice a hundred souls to save his own, but his crew know what he's up to and go along with it.

I like the dialogue between Elizabeth and Jack. I like his parting word to her, and the tone in which it is delivered.

I like that Elizabeth fights well-but-dirty. As mnemex noted, Will has the family ties to piracy and the love of the sea and a lot of the expertise -- but Elizabeth has the heart of a pirate. She's fantasized about being one for years, while Will has hated pirates for years.

I like that Jack made the shot that detonated the explosives. First, I wanted to see him Be a Captain, something at which Will had been upstaging him. Second, while I could have accepted that Elizabeth could make that shot, I had absolutely no problem believing that Jack could make it.

I like that the undead monkey was there to plague the ship. I like that he was the payment to the voodoun lady. And, as for the twist at the end, I am wondering if the undead monkey made it easier to do that.

It ain't great art, and it could have been tighter, but it was a lot of fun.
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