drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Subway singing

Today, I was on the subway platform, noticing a crowd of people who were clearly all together. The train came and we all got on.

Then, one guy announced that he was going to do free singing. This didn't strike me as odd.

He sang a religious song. Also, not odd. There are folks soliciting for Jesus, just like there are folks soliciting for money.

He was trying to get other people to sing. And, a lot of folks did.

That did strike me as odd. I was resting my head on my very large bag, not looking up, so I didn't figure it out at once.

He then asked someone to talk about personal experiences with Jesus. And someone did. That struck me as very odd, but, after a minute, I finally Got It.

The group on the platform were in the city to proselytize. They were all in the same subway car, ready to sing "spontaneously" on cue. The guy talking -- and the one talking after him -- were with that group. They didn't try to pretend otherwise, but it still felt like such a set up.
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