drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Power status the same

Josh and I are crashing with Beth the second night running. We think we have no change in status at home. That is:

We called the assistant superintendent (the super being on vacation), and he agreed to walk by our building and see if we had light in the rooms where we'd flipped the switches to "ON" so that Con Ed could see if power returned. He couldn't tell, it being a bright day.

In the evening, about 10:30 pm, I called Con Ed. The guy I talked to said that there was no estimate for when power would be restored. I asked if that meant there was no change, and he said that was what it meant.

Beth's also offered us a place to do a hot shower tomorrow, which we'll take her up on, as we didn't have hot water last we checked (Thursday night).

Current plan is to go by the apartment tomorrow, drop off laundry at laundromat, presuming it has power, and take it from there.

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