drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Comics, Gaming, NYC, WorldCon

Issue 6 of Fell was out today. I started reading this on Ron Edwards' recommendation, and it's good. Not for the faint of stomach, and not quite like anything else out there. Nothing super-heroic or even provably supernatural. It's about a fairly competent cop who works in a very bad neighborhood.

I also have the first 2 issues of a 3-issue Buckaroo Banzai story. Like the movie and the book, it is way over the top. I like it.

Saturday, ebartley, Dave Demast, and I got together for a session of ebartley's Hub campaign. We started in Edgar's, over yummy desserts, then went to a part of the city I'd not been to before: Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, which Dave suggested. After, we stopped in at his apartment for water, then headed out for Times Square. Dave walked with us for a few blocks, pointing out interesting architecture. One building was ivy-covered. One block has nigh-symmetrical architecture. The area is a historical district, and one can tell this from the color of the street signs.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to pack for WorldCon. Still haven't finished sewing all the patches on our space cadet sashes. A friend of ours was quite amused at the notion that we'd actually have to prove that we were space cadets, in the spacey sense of the word.
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