drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Break in

Wow. We've been broken into.

The big items were my laptop and the door itself.

Okay, the door was not stolen, but a huge chunk of it is busted off, the part with the locks. The evidence collecting cops said they'd not see that before. One of them said that our lock placement was actually quite good, and we had clear evidence that we had not neglected to use the locks.

The laptop, well, that is a pain, no mistake. My last back up was August 13, and I have the DVD. Guess I get to see how good a job I did on back up. Also gone was a web tablet, which, while I did not get any use out of it -- hence my leaving it at home -- could have been sold or given as a gift, some cash, and mneme's broken camera.

Our neighbor across the hall also got his place broken into. He says nothing's gone but some cash. His door is also pretty messed up.

Thanks for the kind wishes on mnemex's blog.
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