drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Finished Reread

Okay, the second part of Fool's Run is a lot better when one knows what happened. There's a lot of books that one has to read twice, once for the plot, and once for the craftsmanship, like a Hitchcock film. And, I like the characters in Fool's Run, and a lot of the scenes and dialogue. The world building is better than I remember it, and the thematic stuff is very good.

At the same time, I understand why some people think it sucks, and why a lot of people simply are not going to reread it. And, the second half, or perhaps the last quarter, is weak in that it attempts to provide an answer to a question which, at its rawest, is not answerable. The author has to choose between leaving it unanswerable and coming up with an answer which cannot satisfy.

The Night Gift leaves the flip side of that question unanswered, and, for that novel, it suffices. That would not, I think, have worked in Fool's Run, which is not a YA novel about life, but a science fiction novel, where one tends to expect answers. And, the answer fits the set up. It is simply a weak spot, and that's inevitable.

But, going in knowing that, the ride is very good.
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