drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

A-larping we will go

I have finally done first drafts of all the characters for the 57-person larp that mneme, batyatoon, ladymondegreen, sdelmonte, and akawil have been working on for over a decade, and batyatoon gave me the sketches she's done to date. I'm trying to piece together the background.

I'm looking forward to playing and running larps at Intercon G.

crash_mccormick found himself wanting to run Jamais Vue again, and I sorta do, too. And, he talked about writing a series of 4 hour larps that could get pasted together into one weekend-long game.

Trouble is, the 57-person larp is really best at 12-15 hours, and that's hard to find a venue for. So, we'll likely add stuff to make it a viable weekend game, and since we need to add stuff anyway, that shouldn't be too tricky.
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