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Life, larps, and everything

I've started reading Look to Windward, my first Culture book. On the one hand, I don't really care about any of the characters, but on the other, the world is fascinating, and I'm underread in this sort of sf. I think the pacing is a bit clumsy, but I'll see if I still think that way when I finish it.

Thus far, we have only two sign ups for our larp at Intercon G, A Hot Tub Full o'Magic. I am signed up to play in the Girl Genius larp, where I successfully convinced the GM to cast me as Dingbot Prime! I am also signed up for The Other Other All Batman Game, which sounds right up my ally for silliness.

Dark of the Moon is making progress in various directions. We are slowly developing world background and creating systems. I think I like the proposed magic system. We have simplified the language system to "You all speak the same language."

Meanwhile, we're working on the teaser game for DotM, and I have set up a spreadsheet. We have to fill it in now.

In addition, we have been beginning to plan for the second Jamais Vue game, and have made some progress to boxing the first. zrealm says that it is currently in a form that his group can run, and crash_mccormick and I are finding ourselves wanting to go and help, or at least observe.

zrealm would also like to run larps for the Columbia University crowd, and he has a couple that mneme, crash_mccormick, and I haven't actually ever played.
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