drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Music at GenCon

Heard this group at GenCon, The Muses. Just the sort of music I like, rousing, with harmony, fits right into a Ren Faire. As I'd hoped, they were playing when I brought Josh that way to the Dealer's Room. We put our stuff down and started dancing. After that one, they decided they should play an actual dance tune, and we danced to that one as well. If anyone who's reading this happens to be one of the people who took pictures of us dancing, could you send us copies?

Tom Smith was selling his music, and he was in a concert. I didn't make that, as I was in a game at the time, but he's hoping to do more gaming conventions. Luke Ski was there as well.

I was in a larp called Last Night in Carcosa. The guy playing the minstrel was well cast, able to break into a verse at need. Didn't hurt that the first thing he sang was "Songs from the Wood". He also wrote down from memory the Carcosa song from the Chambers anthology, and I think he composed some poetry during the game.

No actual singing the the Gilbert and Sullivanesque game I played of Full Light, Full Steam, but the mood was definitely there.
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