drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Friday Serendipity

mneme and I were off to Columbia University by way of the Indian restaurant Bombay Garden. At least, that was the theory. At the 14th Street stop on the #1 train, I confirmed that there were two stops to 23rd Street, 18th Street and 23rd Street. But, somehow, I got us off the train at 18th Street.

So, we headed for 23rd on foot, stopping to check out a sushi place between 18th and 23rd, on the west side of Seventh Avenue. We decided to try it out. mnemex asked for seating at the sushi bar, and decided we'd try their omakase.

Omakase wasn't listed on the menu, but the chefs were willing to do this for $30 a head. So, we got a very nice miso soup, their three best house special rolls, and a small assortment of ordinary sushi and sashimi, and a big ball of fried ice cream. Not quite the viruoso act of a chef who'd charge a variable amount and serve us strange delicacies until we cried "hold, enough", but more than $30 worth of tasty.
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