drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

I like New York in June... but it's even better in September

Today, mneme and I got up late and meandered down to zrealm's place to work on Masks, the larp that we'll be helping him run as part of his team. After a few hours of good work, we took a break.

Looking for larp props, we went to FAO Schwartz, the Apple store, and the Toys-R-Us at Times Square, buying nothing. Okay, technically, we didn't need to go to the Apple store, but it was fun to gawk. Some folks seemed to have gotten stuck in the glass elevator, and were sitting on the floor very calmly, talking on cell phones and the like. I'm not actually that interested in the i-phone. I'm more interested in the classical i-pod with 160 gigs, which, as zrealm noted, could double as a hard drive.

The Chinese place I steered us to was not only closed, but gone, so we went to the Westway Diner. As we finished up dinner, zrealm spotted jlighton and ebartley walking down the street, so we dashed out and hailed them, then dashed back in to assure the waitstaff that we did intend to pay the bill. Then, the five of us meandered down to Ben and Jerry's, whereupon ebartley and jlighton headed for home, and the rest of us headed for zrealm's apartment. All in all, a pleasant walk in the city in September. I love my city.
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